Member Benefits

Networking – 

Meet other physicians with many backgrounds in your area. This is especially important for new physicians looking to establish patient referrals, joining associations, etc.

Exposure – 

Through AAPI MD, you can become a community liaison and associate with hospital and clinical staffs through different volunteer events. AAPI MD will make announcements of ongoing member activities, as well as organize seminars you may attend or participate in. For younger physicians, interns, medical, college, and high school students AAPI MD can connect you with physicians of many disciplines for externship, rotation, shadowing, and other active learning capabilities.

Active Involvement – 

AAPI MD Life Members are eligible to run for leadership positions as well as serve on committees. All active members are encouraged to vote at annual meetings, as well as participate in all events and activities AAPI MD will organize.

Directory – 

Access to the AAPI MD Member Directory is a valuable tool for quick and easy reference to other colleagues. Our member directory lists all active members of AAPI MD. It is also organized via an alphabetical list of all members by their specialty.

Stay Informed – 

Getting up to date information by AAPI MD news and activities. Our annual meetings will have speakers and live presentations for our members to stay informed about the most recent advancements in medicine.

Volunteer Participation – 

Active members, spouses, and youth volunteers can participate in AAPI MD activities. For example, Health Fairs, Blood Drives, Meals to Homeless, various fund raising activities for charity, community service activities (working alongside other organizations such as churches, temples, other non-profit volunteer groups, etc.) Younger volunteers can participate and earn school volunteer credit hours as well as experiences for college applications.

Member Events – 

Aside from organizing volunteer events, seminars, and community service opportunities, AAPI MD provides its members with other community events as a thank you. On top of 2 yearly meetings over dinner, AAPI MD will throw family picnics, talent shows, fashion shows, and other activities. Members are encouraged to participate, share with, and experience our events, and as always socialize and have fun!

Membership Dues

$500/one-time – Life Members

$150/yr – Couples (  both physicians or one physician)  Membership

$100/yr – Single ( unmarried ) Physician Membership

$50/yr – Residents and Fellows Membership

FREE – Medical and Dental Students

AAPI MD will host semi-annual dinner meetings as well as a picnic. To attend the dinners or picnic, please RSVP ahead of time and pay $ 75.00/membership for each dinner if you plan on attending. Students must pay $20 per person to attend a dinner and $10 per person to attend the picnic. An extra $10 will be charged at the gate if you do not RSVP. No children or guests outside of spouses are allowed.

Dues can be paid online via our payment page or by check. The check must be made out to AAPI MD and sent to the current AAPI MD Address:

4304 Mountain Rd

Pasadena, MD 21122